Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finals and Figures

I completely forgot to post my final assignments for my classes along with a bunch of other stuff XD So here's what I've got!

First up is my Digital Photography & Photoshop final. The goal of the assignment was to take our own photo reference of a human figure and create a mythological illustration using a composite of images. In this illustration, a wizard is summoning rain to put out the fire in the burning city in the distance. I went ahead and put the separate images I used for this below the illustration so you could see what I put together. I ended up making a lot of color changes and painting in things myself (the coulds, lightning, rain, fire, steam, staff). I ended up painting on top of the figure as well (who happens to be my teacher XD)

Next is my Analysis of Form final which is simply just a portrait of John Wayne.

And just some figure drawings. The first one was my first attempt at using white charcoal. I enjoyed it a lot though and hope to do more drawings like this soon.

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